20 Classroom Apps


WE ARE WORKING ON A FUNCTIONAL CLASSROOM APP LIST! How about an app that will prevent students from opening another browser tab or window during online testing?

Yup, no buzz apps here! We only recommend apps that we actual use in our classrooms. If you have an app, your curious about, let us know and will look into to it.

Free Resources

Want to know where to find and receive resources! We have sought free resources, such as graphics, videos, iBooks Author widgets, iBook templates, teaching strategy templates, audio files, and much more. Please visit our free resource page to download or receive details on how to obtain these free resources.

App Tutorials


WANT TO TRY OUR APP LIST BUT NOT SURE HOW TO USE THESE APPS? Well, we're working on that too. There is no point in singing the praises of a great app if we fail to provide detailed instructions on how to integrate it into classroom. Get added to our mailing list to know when these tutorials will be available! We provide 1 to 3 minute tutorials.

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